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Countdown to Race Weekend
October 7th and 8th, 2017

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January 1, 2017: Online registration is now open. Click here.

December 16, 2016: Paper Registration Form now online. Click here. On Jan 1st, 2017 VHM Online registration is open.

Walkers are welcome to register and participate. As long as you can complete the distance within 6 hours, you are welcome / encouraged to come out and walk.

Sept 8, 2016: The Valley Harvest Marathon is offering the option to Ultra-Marathoners and Marathoners to start their run earlier than the posted 7:30am start time. The early start will be at 6:30am from Raymond Field at Acadia University. However, any person who starts early must understand that our support systems including but not limited to water, safety, marshals, traffic control, medical assistance etc., does not commence until the regular start time of 7:30am and all those early starters do so with this understanding and assume all risks associated with starting early. By allowing an early start, we are facilitating an official start time only. Early starters are encouraged to wear headlamps and reflective clothing.

The Valley Harvest Marathon course (for all distances) closes at 1:30pm and all our support systems, timing etc., ceases at that hour.


June 4, 2016: Updated Maps now online. Click here.


To learn more about the Acadia SMILE program, please visit: smile.acadiau.ca
or Email SMILE at smile@acadiau.ca


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